Saffron Walden Maths Tuition

Peter Bridge, BSc, MSc, AMIMA, Clin. Scientist


My involvement with mathematics, at various levels, dates back to when I left secondary school (Blackpool) in 1964 and worked for the Civil Service for 5 years. I was in an accounts division and passed two additional maths O'Levels via evening classes as well as playing bass guitar in local groups. I risgned in 1969, to take a 1 year A'Level course (Maths, Further Maths and Physics) and subsequently read for a Mathematics degree (Physics subsid.) at Nottingham University (1970-73). During my vacations, I had 3 vacation studentships with different departments of the Scientific Civil Service. After graduating, I worked for around 15 years as a computer programmer / analyst during which time I passed an HND in Computer Studies. Although I was 40 years old when I was made redundant, I decide to make a significant career change and return to my "roots" and look for scientific work where my mathematical skills would be better used. After 2 years as a Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer in the lung function laboratory at the Royal Brompton, I had the tools and experience to apply for a research post in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine at the Post Graduate Medical School (PGMS, Hammersmith Hospital).

I retired in 2014, after 25 years as a researcher / Clinical Scientist at the PGMS and later the Royal London. A large part of my research involved mathematical analysis of breathing patterns and flow-volume curves. This involved developing techniques and algorithms for alternative methods of assessing "lung function". During this time, I took evening classes obtaining additional A' Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Statistics and then read for a part time M Sc in General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Kings College London. In 2005, my portfolio was accepted as evidence of entitlement to refer to myself as a Clinical Scientist, which is a protected title, The main reason for the additional qualifications was my passion for learning and the thrill of sitting examinations and testing myself. The main reason for offering private tuition is my love of teaching as well as learning and that I miss my close involvement with the "sciences".