Saffron Walden Maths Tuition

Peter Bridge, BSc, MSc, AMIMA, Clin. Scientist

Pupils / parents feedback

As a Year 11 student, Peter has been providing me with extra mathematics tuition during the final months before my GCSE examinations, offering distinct, concise teaching within a relaxed, highly enjoyable and yet professional environment.

As a mathematician, Peter has aided me in approaching mathematics from a somewhat more lateral perspective, exploring multiple methods that could be employed to solve a challenging question; a form of thinking that is seldom used within a typical school environment. Peter’s abundant, infectious passion for both his tuition and mathematics manifests itself within his unswerving support and guidance during our sessions together, delivering a uniquely engaging teaching environment within which to learn, but most importantly, to enjoy learning mathematics!

Parent of a 16 year old school girl: Hello Peter, thank you for your follow up, your emails always have an interesting flair about them. We also enjoyed our meeting and Ebony particularly liked your relaxed approach to the subject, for that reason alone I think she would benefit from being able to ask questions without feeling awkward about what she doesn't understand, most importantly I agree with your 'spades a spade' philosophy in how to interpret the syllabus into the real world.

Teacher's reply to an e-mail from the mother of a Common Entrance school boy: Thank you for your email. I am pleased Edward has a good tutor and is happy doing extra Maths. The best paper to prepare Edward for our end of year test would be a practise SATs test as they follow a similar format to ours.